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Domestic & International Marketing

ASPMI is dedicated to promoting U. S. sweet potatoes both domestically and internationally.

In the USA, ASPMI promotes research and new horticultural practises and technologies that will benefit the U. S. sweet potato industry. ASPMI investigates ways to reduce trade barriers and also disseminates information, trends and trading practices to their members — all of which will encourage greater sweet potato consumption.

Global demand for American sweet potatoes continues to accelerate.  With exports more than doubling in the past few years, sweet potatoes have become one of the fastest growing agriculture exports in the USA.  Recognizing the growing importance of international markets, ASPMI is taking the industry’s core messages of year-round availability, versatility, flavor and nutrition to buyers and consumers worldwide.  ASPMI leverages USDA Foreign Agricultural Service funds on a cost-share basis to promote sweet potato exports. These funds allow ASPMI and its members to reach international markets that were previously untapped.  Currently, promotion programs are functioning in Europe and in Canada and the ASPMI leadership team is looking to expand into other countries.

ASPMI is dedicated to promoting U.S. sweet potatoes both domestically and internationally