Section 1

Food Safety

In order to ensure the optimum in food safety, freshly harvested U.S. sweet potatoes are taken directly to temperature- controlled warehouses, where they undergo a special curing process.  The “curing” process heals any scarring on the thin sweet potato skin that may occur during harvesting.  This process also toughens the skin, so that not only is the appearance improved, but it also reduces the possibility of unwanted rot and disease. “Cured” sweet potatoes are less susceptible to injury and the curing process also increases their nutritional value.  Sweet potatoes are kept in these warehouses until they are ready to be packed and shipped to market.  Proper handling and standardized food safety procedures are followed during the entire process. U.S. sweet potatoes are transported in refrigerated trucks to ensure that the highest quality is maintained.

Freshly harvested U.S. sweet potatoes are taken directly to temperature-controlled warehouses